Diamondbacks v MetsThe Mets (20-16) were embarrassed tonight by the last placed Brewers (13-23) as they were shutout and 3-hit as they lost 7-0. Colon, one of the few things that has gone right for the Mets of late, was off his game tonight. The offense did what the offense does, nothing. The fielding did what the fielding does, commit errors. And Collins did what Collins does, turns red and looks bewildered while talking to himself in the dugout.

metsinaroundBartolo Colon (6-2 3.86) had his worst start of the season tonight. He was facing an aggressive Brewers lineup who were jumping all over his plethora of strikes. It is fine, pitchers have off nights. That is to be expected in a 162 game season. However, when your team is unable to score runs on a nightly basis, giving up runs early and often deflates the team, the fans and any chance of a comeback no matter what inning the runs are given up. While Colon has now gone 7 straight starts without walking a batter, it may have been to his benefit to throw some balls to the aggressive Brewers lineup.

metsinaroundWilmer Flores committed his 9th error at shortstop putting him on pace for about 40+ errors this season. And wouldn’t you know it, just seconds later a run scored. The pitchers don’t trust the defense, the coaches don’t trust the defense, and at this point I can’t imagine that the defense trusts the defense. While it is still early, it is getting late quickly. The Mets need to seriously start exploring all options and first up should be Tejada taking over at short until they are ready to give Matt Reynolds a shot. The injury to Herrera that took place tonight certainly doesn’t help their depth or options, but something needs to be done to shake up this slump that they are having in the field and at the plate.

metsinaroundTerry Collins needs to go and Joe McEwing needs to become the next Mets manager. No, it is never the manager that is to blame during a losing streak and it is never the manager that should receive credit during a winning streak, but Collins looks worn out. His answers post-game are borderline incoherent and I can’t imagine what he can do or say at this point that will reinvigorate this team. These pitchers are successful despite him and the Mets need a new voice to get them on the right track. While, personally, I would love that new voice to be Wally Backman, I don’t believe that move will ever come to fruition. Anderson comes from the Money Ball mentality of a manager being a puppet, or a yes man and that is not Backman’s personality or nature. Maybe the best hope for the Mets would be taking the route of the Cardinals, Yankees or these very Brewers, and handing over the reigns to a young, bright eyed, and bushy tailed former player. The name I throw out there, that I also mentioned above, should be Super Joe McEwing. While he has been part of the White Sox organization and is working his way up the ranks, he knows New York, he knows the Mets and he would be my selection to take this team to the next level.