Well, at least the New York Rangers advanced tonight!

The Cubs (18-15) win on a walk-off walk from Jeurys Familia and the Mets (20-14). Familia should get no blame for tonight’s loss as he was handed a bases loaded, no out situation, thanks to Carlos Torres.

metsinaroundMatt Harvey played his usual role of stopper tonight as he dominated the Cubs for 7 shutout innings, but the bullpen (and offense) let him down. Despite throwing 7 innings, striking out 9, and scattering just 3 hits, Harvey did not pick up the win for the Mets. Harvey was a man on a mission, almost as if he had a game 7 to get to (Let’s Go Rangers!), and mowed down Cubs in quick order needing just 100 pitches on the evening. Harvey couldn’t have done anything else tonight to set his team up for the win and to end their current losing streak, but 7 shutout innings wasn’t enough and bunting into a double play didn’t help either.

metsinaroundCarlos Torres has been off his game for the last three weeks. His velocity seems fine, but his control is erratic and his confidence seems shaken. We keep hearing about his rubber arm and needing to pitch often to stay sharp, but I wouldn’t mind not seeing him for a couple of nights and letting Goedell or Robles take on some bigger roles out of the bullpen.

metsinaroundThe Mets offense is pathetic and has been so over the last three weeks. Lagares resting a few days hurts, but even with him in the lineup, the offense has been stagnant. Duda is not getting it done, Granderson is getting on base but not much else, and no one else in the lineup is contributing. Cuddyer bounces into one double play after another and don’t even get me started on Kirk. Blame can’t be placed on a single entity, but something needs to be done. Whether it’s calling up Reynolds or Conforto and really shaking things up, which may not be realistic or the right thing to do, point is, something needs to be done to light a fire under this team. The starters couldn’t possibly do any more and yet it is never enough when the team can’t score runs.