noah-syndergaardNoah Syndegaard debuted for the Mets tonight and got the typical treatment.. NO run support. The Cubs (17-15) stymied the Mets (20-13) by a score of 6-1 to take the first two games of the four game series. This is starting to become very worrisome that the Mets have no offensive threat. They didn’t get their second hit (finishing with 5 total) of the game until the 8th inning! Aside from the back-to-back home runs in last night’s game, there has been no energy or excitement in the offense. It may have been that Jake Arrieta was just that good tonight, but as good as he was, he was helped by how bad the Mets offense was, is and has been over the last two and a half weeks.

metsinaroundSyndergaard (0-1 5.1IP, 6H, 3ER, 4BB, 5K) had his ups and downs in his major league debut, but showed enough to leave everyone clamoring for more. He opened the night with his first major league strikeout, of Dexter Fowler, and touched 99 in the first inning. He was solid for the most of his outing as he was consistently in the mid to upper 90’s with his fastball and showed a very nice changeup and curveball. After the first time through the lineup, the Cubs hitters seemed to make some adjustments as they were laying off of his breaking pitches out of the strike zone and forcing Thor to throw strikes. While he rarely made a mistake in the zone, when he did he was hit hard, but then again he supplied most of the power off of the Cubs bats by throwing 96-98 consistently. Once he gains the confidence and knowledge of the league, he will surely be a force to be reckoned with as his three main pitches (fastball, curveball, changeup) have nearly a 20 MPH differential in speeds, making it nearly impossible to stay comfortable in the batters box.

metsinaroundI’m no longer with 28. Daniel Murphy continues to baffle with his defensive play and decision making. He took his time on a grounder in the 4th inning, which a hustling Kris Bryant beat out. What should have been a routine 5-3 putout led Syndergaard to throw an extra 17 pitches in the inning and took away any momentum that he had built up to that point. Whether it’s the contract year or taking his offensive struggles into the field with him, Murphy needs to figure out his issues quick or there won’t be a place for him on this team once Wright makes his way back from hamstring and back problems.

metsinaroundAlex Torres needs a vacation. He is seemingly on the mound every single game and continues to walk batter after batter. As good as the Mets team has been in limiting walks this year, I can’t imagine how much better they would be without A. Torres walking nearly everyone he faces. I have heard enough about how he has a devastating changeup against righties as he clearly pitches around the lefties and walks the righties with his devastating pitch. He just needs to learn how to throw strikes and get the opposing batter out, whether lefty or righty.