The Mets head to Wrigley Field sitting atop the NL East with a 20-11 record, second to only the St. Louis Cardinals at 22-9. I am very excited for this series as it has the potential of being very competitive and stocked with young talent that could be running this league for years to come. The series of the power bats vs the power arms. The Mets have one of the top pitching staff’s in all of baseball and are still without their starting catcher and third baseman, not to mention losing a reliever and top of the rotation starter for the year before the season even began. The Cubs, who sit second in the NL Central at 15-15, will have some of the best young hitters on display along with a very strong starting staff as well. To think the Mets could be 15-8 without their captain and starting third baseman, David Wright, I would say is preposterous but that is exactly what they have done without their leader.

metsinaroundWill the Cubs hitters shine? Kris Bryant, Starlin Castro, Addison Russell, Anthony Rizzo, Jorge Soler .. Oh My! This team will be downright scary when they all get experience and an idea of how to regularly handle major league pitching. Not to mention they also have Javier Baez waiting in the wings in the minors. If their pitchers can stay consistent, this team will be very competitive for years to come. This year may be a year or two too soon, but in the next 3-5 years, this team could be dominant. While the Cubs have taken the opposite approach of the Mets, in terms of drafting young power hitters and spending big money on key free agents and international signings such as Lester and Soler, they are both seeing the fruits of their labor around the same time.

metsinaroundWill the Mets pitcher shine? Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard and Jonathan Niese (1.98 ERA) .. Oh My! While the Mets list may not be as long as the list of young sluggers for the Cubs, it is just as impressive none the less. Harvey is back to taking the league by storm following his Tommy John surgery and recovery, deGrom is having a solid sophomore season following his Rookie of the Year campaign and Noah Syndergaard, the 6’6″ 240 lb bulldog, with three plus pitches including a high 90’s fastball, nasty uncle charlie and top notch changeup, is all set to make his MLB debut in Wrigley on Tuesday evening. At just 22 years old he is ready to take th league by storm and has no intentions of just filling a void left by the Dillon Gee groin injury.

metsinaroundCan the Mets win another early season road series? Despite all of the hoopla, hype and optimism that will surely be surrounding all of the young talent involved in this series, at the end of the day both teams will just be looking to win the four game series. The Mets will look to pull further away from the pack in the early going, while the Cubs will be looking to make up ground on the St. Louis Cardinals, who took a big blow recently with the loss of their ace, Adam Wainwright. While I hope and expect the Mets to win every series they play (what true fan doesn’t), I expect a fun and intense series none the less.