Mets Banner Day is coming back again this season as the Mets have officially set the festivities for Sunday June 14th at Citi Field. Banner Day has once again become a fan favorite after a long hiatus. This year, the team has issued the following guidelines for those planning on participating in the June 14 pregame parade:

• Banner Day participants must have tickets to the game.

• Participants must check in at the Bullpen Plaza on 126th Street at 37th Avenue.

• Registration begins at 10 a.m. Space is limited.

• Banners must be bigger than 22-by-28 inches.

• Banners may not contain vulgar or abusive language.

• Banners can be commercially produced, but cannot have commercial messages. (Websites or social media handles are not allowed.)

• There is a maximum of four people per banner.

• The Mets reserve the right to deny access to the field to any banner or person deemed inappropriate.

Tickets for Banner Day start at $15, and are available at