dwhambackDavid Wright, who has been out of action on the disabled list since early April, suffered a setback, announced earlier today. He will be shut down from his rehab as he has been experiencing lower back pains.

metsinaroundTo me, this is 100% related to his hamstring issue and may actually be a blessing in disguise. If he is trying to overcompensate and rush back while the hamstring is still not 100%, then he is putting himself at risk for greater, more serious injuries and a lengthier period of missed time. Hopefully the lower back pain is a signal to slow down and take his time. We all know he wants to get back and that the team wants him back, but he needs to be back for the long haul.

metsinaroundFortunately, unlike in years past, the team is playing well enough at the present moment in his absence where they can afford him the time he needs to fully mend, and be ready to give 110% when he does get back to the team. While no injury, or setback while recovering from an injury is ever good news, it could be worse. The MRI has come back clean and with proper rest, treatment, and rehab, hopefully he will be back and contributing from the hot corner by the end of the month.