Washington Nationals v New York MetsColon has clearly been very good this season and pretty much most of his career, dating back to his early days with the Indians. I think it is easy to take for granted just how good Colon was and is.

metsinaroundIn 18+ years of pitching, Colon has won over 200 games and has won nearly 60% of his decisions with an ERA below 4.00. He pitched through (and as part of) the steroid era, predominantly in the offense first American League.

metsinaroundAfter last nights victory against the Orioles, Gary Cohen pointed out on the SNY broadcast that Bartolo Colon is the first pitcher ever to beat any team with 7 different teams (Mets, Yankees, Angels, Indians, A’s, White Sox, Red Sox).

metsinaroundColon’s most impressive stat this season is the fact that he has walked one batter all year (40 innings). He has not walked a batter in five straight starts. His control, even when he doesn’t have his best stuff, is pinpoint.  He mixes speeds, locations and pitches like a mastermind and never gives in no matter if he is behind or ahead in a count, and whether there are runners on base or not.