MLB: Atlanta Braves at New York MetsGame one of the two game set versus the Orioles goes to the Mets by a score of 3-2. This was a nice way to bounce back from a very tough series against the Nationals where the bats were nowhere to be found. What may have seemed like a battle of Gold Glove centerfielders for those that watched, the centerpiece of tonight’s game was no doubt Bartolo Colon. At his advanced age and with all the miles on his arm, he continues to amaze and bewilder on the mound. Plawecki got a clutch 2-RBI double, Familia got his league leading 11th save, and the Mets starters have given up 1 run or less in four straight games.

metsinaroundColon (5-1, 2.90) was dominant this evening. He mixed and matched for 7 2/3 innings only allowing a solo homerun with one out in the 8th to Manny Machado, who turned on an inside pitch and deposited it into the Party City deck. While Colon dazzled the crowd with his 9 strikeouts and 0 walks (yet again), his loudest ovations came every time he stepped into the batters box. Despite his inability at the plate, he has clearly won over the Mets fans with his off-balance swings and bouncing helmet. Alderson came out towards the end of last week and discussed changing plans to deal Colon at some point this season and if the Mets truly want to contend that is the right call. He keeps his cool at all times and is one of the smartest pitchers in baseball. The longer he is around guys like deGrom and Harvey, the better it is for the Mets in the long run.

metsinaroundBack to the centerfielders. Lagares and Jones put on quite the display of defensive ability. If it wasn’t for Cuddyer trying to steal some of Lagares’ thunder by getting in his no fly zone, I may have thought that both the Mets and Orioles were playing with just one outfielder, and as good as Lagares and Jones are, that may have been feasible. The amount of ground those two cover and how quickly they read balls off the bat are something that is a gift so few possess. I can’t wait to watch how Lagares continues to develop and grow throughout his career. If his career remains on the current path, the contract he signed this past off-season will be a steal by Alderson and company.

metsinaroundThe Mets scored runs! When the Mets scored their first run in the bottom of the 4th inning tonight, that ended a streak of 21 straight scoreless innings. While this team (barring a trade) will never have a dominant offense, they should be good enough as the season motors on to support their dominant pitching. With as good as the Mets pitchers are and hopefully will continue to be, if they can just put up 4 runs a night, they are going to win way more ballgames than they lose.