Hopefully you have checked out my last post of what has gone wrong for the Mets over the last 7 games after their hot start to the 2015 campaign. If not, here’s a quick recap; lack of offense, shoddy defense and too many key injuries. While the results have not been there recently, especially in the all important win column, not all has fallen off the cliff over the last 7 games.


The Pitching (overall): We all knew coming into this season that the pitching was going to lead this team to the next step and help them become contenders. We also knew the offense was nothing special, but should be good enough to support the potential dominance of this pitching staff (and I still believe this to be true). Over the last 7 games, the Mets have the 10th best overall ERA in baseball and 5th best in the National League at 3.26. They are tied for the fewest walks allowed with 12 in the NL and second best in all of baseball, only behind the White Sox.

metsinaroundMatt Harvey: While most refer to him as The Dark Knight, he should be referred to as The Slump Buster. Being a true ace of the Mets pitching staff, Harvey has come back from Tommy John surgery without skipping a beat. He won his first 5 starts and has won his last two, coming off a Mets loss in the previous games. That is what aces do and that is Matt Harvey.

metsinaroundJeurys Familia: Coming off of a strong rookie season as a set-up man for then closer Jenrry Mejia, Familia has stepped in following the injury and then suspension to former closer Mejia and has taken the role by storm. While he has not had many leads to work with over the last 7 games for the Mets, he has dominated in every opportunity he has been given, so much so that his ERA over that span is 0.00 and so is his WHIP. When the Mets eventually start scoring runs again, this pitching is the recipe for success and domination in a weak NL East.