seguraIf the Milwaukee Brewers are truly going into full-on fire sale mode, the Mets and Sandy Alderson need to do all that is possible to get on the phone immediately and see what it would take for Jean Segura to become a New York Met. While most people are going to suggest inquiring what it would take to get Carlos Gomez back in Queens or Ryan Braun (potential buy low candidate due to his PED history and poor performance), the outfield is not a problem right now, especially with the way Lagares and Cuddyer have played thus far, and there is no chance of moving Granderson’s contract. On top of that, the Mets have Conforto and Nimmo waiting in the wings.

Jean Segura, on the other hand, fills so many needs that would benefit this current Mets team and be a vital part of the team for the foreseeable future. In 2013 (Segura’s first full MLB season) he batted .294 with 33 steals and 42 extra base hits. Last year he showed a regression batting under .250 with 20 steals and 25 extra base hits, but players often experience the “sophomore slump”. During 2014, Segura also suffered a facial fracture after taking a bat to the face from teammate Ryan Braun and suffered the sudden and unexpected death of his infant son. That would surely have an effect on anyone’s mental state, let alone their productivity and numbers. Already this season, Segura has seen his average improve to .279 with 3 steals and 5 extra base hits through just 22 games played. 

metsinaroundFirst of all, Segura plays shortstop, a position that is the hot topic in each and every game, especially with the way Wilmer Flores is piling up the errors only a month into the 2015 season. He has a history of success, both defensively and offensively. Not having an unproven commodity with potential would do wonders for a team looking to contend built around pitching.

metsinaroundSecondly, Segura possesses plus speed. Speed is something sorely lacking on the Mets. While they have yet to be thrown out on the base paths, they have only attempted 10 steals on the season. Many of their hitters are station to station runners when on the bases and that limits what Collins is able to do and ultimately how aggressive the coaches can be when sending runners on balls in play.

metsinaroundLastly, Flores is quickly wearing out his welcome up the middle in New York City. While his errors were overlooked in the first few weeks thanks to some big homeruns, we already see that he can’t stay out of his own head and is starting to struggle on the routine plays, which are the only plays he received positive praise on when it came to his defense. Unless Flores can hit homeruns in bunches to outweigh the errors, he is going to consistently hinder the outcome of games and aside from losing confidence in his own abilities, he will lose the trust of his pitchers as well.