Five games, five wins versus the Marlins in 2015. Wow. All the Mets needed was one inning to make the magic happen and lucky for them, that inning was the top of the 9th. I hope you didn’t blink because you may have missed this one. In the end, as well as Dillon Gee pitched and deserved a win, the Mets pulled out a game that in years past they would have rolled over and died in the top of the 9th. Marlins five game winning streak over, as the Mets averted another potential losing streak. The Mets had not a single runner get past first base all night and that quickly changed in the top of the 9th inning (thanks to a horrible route by Ozuna in center field). That glimmer of hope was all that the Mets needed.

metsinaroundJarred Cosart had the Mets baffled at the plate and the story for most of the night was the pitchers duel. Gee and Cosart had the hitters pounding one ball after another into the dirt. At one point Gee retired 14 straight batters and then it unraveled, just enough, in the bottom of the 8th, even though he had only thrown 70 pitches.

metsinaroundThe Mets simply own Steve Cishek. Every time he enters in a save situation against the Mets, I have the kind of confidence that other teams must have had when we had Benitez on the mound in the 90’s. I don’t quite understand what it is, because Cishek has had quite a bit of success the last few seasons. He has a deceptive delivery, throws hard and has a good secondary pitch, but the Mets are his daddy and tonight was no different.

metsinaroundDaniel Murphy is walking on cloud 9 right now. Not only did he hit a go ahead, game winning 3-run home run in the top of the 9th inning after the Mets were held without a runner in scoring position for the first eight innings, he made a defensive play! Murphy made a spectacular whirling dervish play on a grounder deep in the hole to get the second out in the bottom of the 9th. Hopefully these past two games are a sign of things to come for Murphy, because if his bat gets going and the Mets continue to get healthier, we have quite a season coming up for this team.