3f9d899151e4cc348824aad6a4247689While the Mets are off to their hottest start to a season since 2006 (14-4), this 2015 team has already drawn a lot of comparisons to the 1986 team of misfits that became eventual World Series Champions. While I am in no way comparing or predicting that level of success based upon 18 games, I will say that the excitement and hope is finally back with this team and their fanbase. I will also go out on a limb and say this team is going to be more along the lines of the 1985 Mets where they were just on the cusp of greatness and they are just a player or two away from achieving the ultimate goal. That being said, those players may as well be in the minors, just waiting for the call, or be part of a trade later in the season that will take this team to the next level. Whether it’s 1985, 1986 or even 2006, this is still a great start to a season, especially considering where we have been for nearly an entire decade. And to think, this team should only get healthier as the days go by.