mlb_subway_seriesFresh off of a perfect 10 game home stand, the Mets find themselves hopping the subway over to the Bronx. Unfortunately, we are back to the dreaded three and three home and away subway series. I much preferred last year’s variation of a four game series, split between the two parks. Not only did the first series get placed in April this year, the last three at Citi Field don’t take place until September. I never liked the overhyped Subway Series and every year I continue to like it less and less. My dislike for interleague play gets me nowhere except aggravated so lets focus on what the Mets need to do to keep this winning streak alive.

CVPOs5aEztLc6bLVlgvJvwxmjkSLRt06tIFx-_iOq_4Can the Mets pitchers dominate in a little league stadium? The Mets have come out of the gate strong, playing all of their earlier opponents in pitcher’s ballparks (Washington, Atlanta, and home at Citi Field). That all changes with the scene shifting to the Bronx. If you sneeze hard enough at the plate, you have a good shot at spraying a fan in the right field stands. The pitchers will have to be careful, but with deGrom and Harvey starting the first two games of the series, hopefully the fans in the stands won’t catch more than a breeze from the Yankee bats.

CVPOs5aEztLc6bLVlgvJvwxmjkSLRt06tIFx-_iOq_4Will the Mets bats find success against the depleted Yankees staff? While the Mets bats have come up with timely hits and clutch RBI’s in key spots, saying they have been consistent would be an overstatement. How many games have the Mets won during this streak where they were out-hit by their opponent? Too many! Aside from Lucas Duda and Michael Cuddyer, the rest of the Mets lineup has been a roller coaster, and such is to be expected while losing Wright and d’Arnaud from the lineup and Granderson yet to do much more than show a good eye for walks.

CVPOs5aEztLc6bLVlgvJvwxmjkSLRt06tIFx-_iOq_4Will the Mets continue their winning streak and set a new franchise record? The Mets will enter the Bronx with 11 straight wins, which ties their franchise record. Winning tomorrow with deGrom on the hill would give them 12 straight, setting a new record. If the Mets can carry out this feat, I assume that the fans will completely lose their minds. But realism needs to kick in at some point. The Mets are not going to go 159-3, they will eventually lose again. What I am most interested in will be how they respond to that eventual loss. That will be their first true test of what this team is made of.