kevin-plaweckiAfter Monday’s day off, the Mets welcome in the Atlanta Braves and look to continue their winning ways. The Braves have cooled off since the Mets faced them in Atlanta the second series of the season, and the bullpen which was the strength of their team the first week of the season, has faltered since that time.

IMG_0330Can the Mets back end of the rotation keep the team in the game and in turn the winning streak alive? While Niese has looked solid and consistent at the onset, Gee has not. Hopefully with the announced news of Montero being stretched out in the minors, Gee will kick it into gear and become the solid but unspectacular pitcher of old.

IMG_0330Can Plawecki fill the void left by the injury to d’Arnaud? Kevin Plawecki is the Mets 2nd rated prospect and has some big shoes to fill. While d’Arnaud is still relatively unproven, he has been swinging the best bat in the lineup (this side of Lucas Duda) and is leading the team in RBI while filling in for the injured David Wright in the two hole in the lineup.

IMG_0330Can the Mets keep up the fight when falling behind early in games? The Mets have already won numerous games that, in past seasons, they would have had no business competing in, let alone coming out victorious. Fans would have tuned out, the bullpen would have imploded and the Mets wouldn’t be sitting here riding high on an 8 game winning streak and a first place standing in the NL East.