812Marlins Mets BaseballThe initial tests are complete and the results are in from the rash of injuries that took place in yesterday’s Mets Marlins game. Both d’Arnaud and Blevins were placed in splints, Travis for 3 weeks and Jerry for 6. While both will need rehab stints, the expected timeframe is much more troublesome for Blevins, as he will need extended time in the minors to build back up his arm strength. I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see Blevins back with the club until the beginning of July. As for d’Arnaud, assuming 3 weeks actually happens (doubtful considering his injury history), I could see him rejoining the team after a week stint in the minors to get some at bats and rejoining the club at the end of May. However, things may get tricky for d’Arnaud if Plawecki lives up to the hype and he comes back to a battle for playing time as the starting catcher.