mets-fieldWeek one of the 2015 season is in the books and that means one thing, the Mets are finally coming home! Today, they will be showing off the newly renovated (again) Citi Field and opening it’s gates to the Flushing faithful (including my 8 month old daughter Sydney’s first Mets game). After leaving Atlanta with a win to salvage a poorly played series, it will be more important than ever to get off to a good start and there’s nothing like some home cooking led by the reigning NL Rookie of the Year to make that happen.

IMG_0330-1Can the Mets improve upon their 40-41 home record of 2014? In order for a team to sustain success and be taken seriously, they must establish a presence on their home field. Just being a .500 team at home will not get it done and usually does not lead to playoff appearances. Teams need to fear entering an opposing ballpark and the Mets have the pitching to create that type of fear right now, starting today.

IMG_0330Will the twice changed outfield dimensions really make a difference for the Mets? Will it improve their power and not adversely effect their pitchers? Alderson hinted that the move-in was more to increase offense, not specifically implying the Mets offense just overall, because that is what the fans want on an entertainment level. I hope this move really does ease the minds of Wright and Granderson and not become a launching pad for the likes of Freeman, Harper and Stanton, not that Stanton needs any additional assistance in the power department.

IMG_0330What type of ovation will Flores receive during introductions and will he be starting the game? We heard all spring about how the Mets needed a shortstop and the Mets shopped everywhere for a shortstop. Yet here we are and the Mets are going with Flores because he was better than what it would have cost to obtain any of the available shortstops. We are a week into the season, Flores isn’t hitting well, or fielding well, and Mets fans certainly aren’t treating him well on social media. Personally, I don’t boo anyone that wears my team’s jersey (Jason Bay not included) so I will be standing and cheering for him tomorrow when announced, but I know that won’t be the case for many others in attendance around me. I also know the Mets, and they like to avoid these types of situations. It would not surprise me in the least to see Tejada’s name in the lineup at shortstop for today’s game, not that his reception would be any warmer than Flores’.