The video of Wright’s comments can be seen at the link below from ESPN:

A transcript of Wright’s statement to the media after last night’s game:

“As much as it hurts, as much as we love Jenrry as a teammate, you make a mistake you need to be punished. Once Jenrry serves his punishment and comes back, we’ll welcome him and do whatever we can to make him feel a part of this team. But right now, he messed up and needs to be punished.”

This is David Wright 2.0.

In the past, he would never be so vocal (public) with his leadership, and criticism, of teammates, and much to the surprise and pleasure of many, David has taken his role to another level entering the 2015 season. Whether it was his handling of Syndegaard in the spring or addressing the suspension of Mejia (now), this is what a true leader does. Not only is it good for the clubhouse, but it is nice for the fanbase to see and hear that someone (the Captain) on the team has a backbone and is not just willing to brush things under the  rug and hope for the best.