collins_040913Here we go, 4 games deep into the 2015 season and we have Mets manager Terry Collins talking out of both sides of his mouth and everyone on social media calling for Wilmer’s head on a stick. You all remember that the alternative at this point is Ruben Tejada, whom despite my weird fandom for, has done nothing over the last 2.5 years to deserve any serious playing time.

“As I’ve said before, we’ve got to understand, this guy has not played a lot of shortstop in the last few years,” manager Terry Collins said after the game. “We’ve got to keep running him out there and see how he’s going to do.”

That said, Collins said Ruben Tejada will likely start at shortstop in one of the team’s next two games against the Braves in Atlanta.

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IMG_0330-0All who watched, saw. Flores made some poor throws. Nor has he started to hit yet, like we have all been told is the reason he is in the majors. Flores will hit, and he will make errors. It’s inevitable. As long as the hitting outweighs the errors, he is still leagues above the production available from Ruben Tejada.

IMG_0330It’s 4 games into the season, we need to just relax. How many hits does Granderson have? Yet, I haven’t heard any talks of benching him in favor of Nieuwenhuis or Mayberry.

IMG_0330-1For those that think Matt Reynolds is the answer, the Mets are clearly not making a move like that this early into the marathon. They are sticking with their 8 man pen, and if that helps the starters last throughout the long grueling season, then I am all for it. We will eventually get down to 7 and add a bench bat, but for now this is the plan, and plans don’t, nor shouldn’t, change after 4 games, 2 of which were victories.