sheldon-throwing-papers-gifHonestly, I could care less who ultimately decided on the current lineup. We have all been watching baseball long enough to know that lineups change throughout the season.  The Mets just beat Max Scherzer and the Washington Nationals on game 1 of the 2015 season and all we hear about is the damn lineup ad who constructed it.

I don’t care if Collins or Alderson or Keith or my gardener made the lineup, they won the damn game.

3 Strikes from The Great Lineup Debate:

ball  The lineup is not as deep with Granderson and Wright batting in the top 2 spots in the batting order, not mention the lineup being very top-heavy and void of power towards the middle and bottom.

ball If this was the direction the Mets were leaning, no way in hell they should have led Juan Lagares to believe he was the future leadoff hitter all spring just to turn his world upside down game 1 of the season when he’s slated to bat 6th. The Mets groomed, mentored, gave expectations, and in my opinion Lagares met and exceeded all expectations as a leadoff hitter.


Granted, Grandson may have more leadoff experience, but with this current lineup being implemented for the foreseeable future, they not only mess with the psyche of Lagares, but have their 2nd leadoff hitter batting 9th behind the pitcher who possesses a career OBP of .272 (albeit a small sample of only 358 at-bats).

It just makes little sense to me, but its 1 game, and a game that we won, despite entering with a pitching matchup that most had circled with an L before it even began. Bottom line, if the Mets win ballgames, we will all look back and say how ingenious they were to make this move.